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October 15, 2012, I was rushed to the emergency room.  I’d known that something was wrong for quite a while, but like our canine brothers and sisters, I managed to hide it quite well.  I was sick.  I was desperately sick.

I hadn’t told my family that I had been speaking with my mother, my father and Merribuck – all deceased.  Merribuck, my beloved late Border/Sheltie mix, was the first to visit me.


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Posted By Debra Shiveley Welch


Cedar Woman



The Big Fat Cedar Woman Give Away starts in one hour - 8:00 - 10:00 EST

Big Fat Cedar Woman Giveaway tonight at 8pmEDT/7CDT/6MDT/5PDT! Come play the games, win the prizes, have tons of fun!



Come to the Give Away and win fantastic prizes!


A set of Nigella Measuing Cups

Authentic American Native Jewelry

Powwow Shawl

One of a Kind Sworovski Crystal Necklace set

Logitech Web Cam!


and much more!


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Cedar Woman


It's finally here! On May 10, 8:00 - 10:00 p.m. EST my Big Fat Cedar Woman Give Away will come to life!

We have many prizes, including authentic American Indian jewelry, a powwow shawl, gorgeous Mother of Pearl business card holder, a Dark Side Fry Bread tee-shirt, two Gizmo hand bags (shown on Opera) and more!

Get your copy of Cedar Woman and prepare for a good time! Participants who have read the book will have a decided advantage of winning some of the prizes. So pass the word!

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Cedar Woman



Cedar Woman has just been entered a Barnes and Noble contest. This is what the person who entered it said:


Here is a fantastic contest to enter. And it gave me a chance to promote Debra Shiveley Welch and Cedar Woman. Where I wrote for my 30 words: The best new author I discovered has been Debra Shiveley Welch and her book Cedar Woman. Each chapter starts with a piece of Indian Wisdom which speaks to the heart.


I am so surprised and grateful that someone would have that much faith in my book, Cedar Woman.

If you would, please go in and vote for my book, Cedar Woman. You may win a free Nook!


Go here and hit the "like" button, and they'll let you vote:


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Cedar Woman Hills


Click to View Book Trailer





The rules are simple. 

Buy a copy of Cedar Woman and begin to read. Cedar Woman is available through Amazon and Barns&Noble.  Use the comment feature below to register simply by posting somthing like, "I'm in," and emailing me privately with the first sentence of chapter two.  You can get my email address at the upper right hand corner where it says "read more."

I will announce a week ahead of when the contest will begin.

There will be a prize for every chapter.  Each prize is of the same value, or more, as the book.

A question will be asked from each chapter. Those who answer correctly (through private email to me) will be put into a hat and the winner drawn.

Good luck!

Prizes include authentic Native American jewelry complete with certificates of authenticity

A CD of Brent Blount's Native American Flute Music

An authentic powwow shawl
Native American hair ornament

One of a kind Cedar Woman Necklace, earrings and bracelet made from Swarovski crystals
A new, never opened Logitech Web Cam

And more.

The prize for chapter one will be a set of Niegellia Lawsons measuring cups. A $35.00 value.


Nigellia's cups small






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