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Julie Spotted Eagle Horse Martineau


Interview with Julie Spotted Eagle Horse.



I'm so happy that we can do this together.

First of all, tell us a little about yourself: where you were born, and your life now.

Julie: I was born in South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge reservation; I now live in South East Iowa, in a small, rural community called Mediapolis, where I live with my husband Matthew, and my youngest son, Logan.

DSW: Where did you get your Native American names?

Julie: Good question! It is not something that you can just decide for yourself, nor can you approach anyone and ask for a name. A name has to be earned.

A part of the process is that you have to go to Ceremony, and have the person who is naming you, pray about it for a long while before a name is given, because when someone gives you a name, that gives them power over you. It also creates an obligation. When you are asked to name someone, you take on almost a familial responsibility for that person, because you are going to the Spirits on their behalf.

My "ordinary" name is TaSunka Wakan Wambli Gleska, which means "Spotted Eagle Horse," which is actually a man's name.... it was given to me in ceremony, and is partially based on a vision, and partially on my familial names.

My father calls me "Pisko" or "Pisko Onwaste" which means "Night Hawk" or "Gentle Night Hawk," which is his pet name for me, and I have no idea where that came from.

I am not comfortable talking about my medicine name in this format, I hope you will forgive me... to me it is a very sacred thing, and the circumstances behind it are also special, and I would rather not go into detail about it.

DSW: That is understandable, and as always, I respect your wishes.






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