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Chris and Santa


It was mid-December; a cold, wet day: the kind that makes your teeth chatter and your bones feel cold.
     I picked you up from your first grade classroom, anxious to get you home, to get my, "I'm home, Mama" hug, to feel your sweet little cheek pressed to mine.  You, however, had other plans that day.
     We were barely out of the van when you raced into the house and straight to your playroom.  What is with him? I asked myself, dumbfounded by this unusual activity.  I followed you to your stash of beloved toys, only to find you carefully sorting and evaluating your favorites.
     Filled with curiosity, I watched as you picked up a shiny, red car, the one you played with the most. Solemnly you nodded and placed it beside a fire truck.  You worked slowly, pausing to contemplate each toy you reached for, regarding each selection intently, turning it over and over in your little hands.
     Finally, you rose and gathered your choices into your arms.  "These are for Jimmy, Mama."  I stood speechless for a few beats of my heart.  "For Jimmy?  Honey, these are your favorites."  Head bowed, you replied.  "Jimmy isn't going to have a Christmas, Mama.  If they're my favorites, they'll be Jimmy's favorites too."
     My heart filled with love and admiration for you.  We had been advised of a child in your school whose family was so poor; he was not going to have a Christmas.  You had decided to change that.  Barely seven years old, you understood the true meaning of Christmas.  More I think than anyone I have ever known.
     That was your first real Christmas -- the Christmas you literally gave from your heart.


Excerpt from Son of My Soul - The Adoption of Christopher, Debra Shiveley Welch, Saga Books, Chapter 23




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